Thursday, February 5, 2009

I dare you...

You know that picture that you have of yourself that you hope nobody ever sees?

You haven’t thrown it away or burnt it have you? Those pictures are often comedy gold.
At least mine is.

I found this the other day while going through some stuff at my parents house. And although it is very embarrassing, I just had to share it.

I’m going to post it today with just a few notes. Later I’ll re-visit this photo and tell you some background about each little treasured part of this awesomeness.

This is a photo of me at 12 years old. I was on family vacation in Panama City Beach. (summer of 1987) I was not in costume or trying to be funny. I dressed this way to hang out around the house we rented then go out to eat, in public.

Before you comment make sure to notice…..

1.) Swatch watch
2.) Mini-mullet hair cut.
3.) Sunglasses
4.) Mickey mouse shirt
5.) Muscle shirt
6.) Mickey Mouse Muscle Shirt !!!
7.) Jamz shorts
8.) “Boom Box” ?
9.) And finally, almost cropped out of frame….Red Converse All Star High Tops.

I welcome your comments/questions and dare you to post your most embarrassing pic. =)


  1. Not to make you feel old or anything but I was born in 1987! It's ok though, I probably came home from the hostpital in a Mickey Mouse Muscle Shirt.

  2. Thanks for pointing out how old I am.
    That's one response I didn't expect.

  3. Lord look at the ham hocks on that kid. You look kind of like my grandmother (she had big legs) after she went to the optomotrist and had her pupils dialated.

  4. Not to beat on the same subject - but this would be the summer before I was born in 1988.

    Mickey mouse muscle shirt for the win!

  5. For all of you young-un's... You missed most of a great decade. The 80's were a lot of fun. But honestly it's probably more fun now making fun of everything 80's... like those sunglasses.

  6. To jump on the band wagon, I was born 2 years after this picture was taken... =]

    And I have more embarrassing pictures. Promise!
    Four words: Headgear, perm, glasses, braces

  7. Am I wrong, or are you a husky boy at this stage? (I was a husky girl - so this comment is not offensive.)

    I was going to say you could have fathered the other 3 ladies who have commented, but that would have been the result of some really bad choices.