Tuesday, February 10, 2009

25 Random Facts and one bonus

I have caved to peer pressure.
Too many of you on facebook have sent me this.
I figured I might as well do it too (and now post it here as well with a bonus fact just for you blog readers.)
So here are 25 Random Things about me…

1.)I weigh 38 lbs less today than I did a year ago. (it was 46 but the holidays were not kind to me. =)

2.)I love playing with my sons and watching them learn how to do new things.

3.)I got pulled over by the police for speeding, swerving in the lane, driving too slow, etc…. 30 times by the age of 30.

4.)I have never tasted beer or smoked a cigarette, but a cigar with the guys from time to time = good times.

5.)This may come as a shock to many, I have hunted, shot, cleaned and eaten squirrels but never hunted deer.

6.)Michael Jordan has heard me sing. Me and some friends sang the national anthem at a Barons Game when he was playing baseball in Birmingham.

7.)My favorite comedy movie is “Tommy Boy”. I laugh out loud every time I watch it.

8.)Anyone who’s ridden in my car will agree with this…. One of my worst traits is that I only wash/vaccum/clean my car a few times a year.

9.)I know a little about a lot (computers, music, video gaming, video editing, web design, accounting, marketing.) but I only know a lot about a little.

10.)I know 6 chords on the guitar. With those 6 I can play many praise songs (if I’d only practice).

11.)I can play the trombone but haven’t really done so in public since high school.

12.)My office at church and home is very cluttered and unorganized. But my office at work stays so organized people there make fun of me.

13.)I have never been arrested.

14.)I love movies. I spent more than 102 hrs in 2008 watching movies and DVD’s.

15.)Speaking of movies, I’ve never seen Casablanca or Monty Python’s Holy Grail (only clips from both) Apparently they’re both classics.

16.)I still keep up with what’s going on with G.I.Joe and the Incredible Hulk movies/toys/comics. (Things I was interested in as a kid) I loved the recent Hulk movie and am looking forward to G.I.Joe movie this summer. Yes, I’m that big of a geek.

17.)I have a huge birthmark on my right calf that looks like some kind of freckle island.

18.)Confession: I’ve been a Christian since I was nine, but have not yet read the entire Bible.

19.)I’ve only been in one real physical fight in my life. It ended when she pushed me backward over a desk. Yes, she.

20.)I love it when I can make my wife laugh. (with me, not at me. Making her laugh at me is easy.)

21.)When I sing and listen to modern worship music I worship. But Southern Gospel music is way different. I don’t enjoy listening to it, but I love singing it. I’m not sure why.

22.)I know how to drive an 18 wheeler (forward, I can’t back up with a trailer) but am not legal to do so.

23.)I’ve never (knocking on wood) had a car accident.

24.)My wife, Kristi, is hilarious. She’s so witty. I wish I were witty like Kristi. Anything I’ve ever said that was remotely funny was thought out carefully before being said out loud. I even once said something to her to see if it was funny knowing I was planning on saying it in a church service weeks later.

25.)Don’t mess with me. I may be big… but I’m slow. Wait…. what?

And a 26th Random fact just for my blog readers...

26.) I won the "Best Actor" award in my senior play in high school.


  1. Michael Jordan has heard you sing!? I find that amazing. . . and I can't believe you've never seen Monty Python and the Holy Grail. THAT is astounding.

  2. Numbers 5, 11, and 15 make me question our friendship.

    And since I know where you matriculated, "Best Actor" may be the equivalent for "Least Likely to Blink Rapidly" or "Most Likely to Memorize."

  3. Your wife should blog as an anonymous sailor. I would subscribe. Anonymously.