Thursday, February 12, 2009


This morning I had a very interesting conversation with Ethan. On a typical morning we have to drag him out of bed. Just like his father, he doesn't want to go to bed at night, but definitely doesn't want to get up the next morning. Well this morning was a little different. Today he hops right out of bed and almost came running through the house to find me. When he did find me he said "Guess what I saw last night, Daddy." He seemed very excited. I assumed he was going to tell me he watched a new cartoon, or saw something cool on Justice League or Transformers. He went on to say...

" I saw a guy on TV last night who could eat spaghetti and then pull the noodles out of his nose."

Ethan looked so excited. It was as if the guy he saw had cured cancer or solved our national economic troubles. I could tell he was impressed so I wanted to try to match his level of appreciation with my response. "Really? Wow, that's cool!" It was his next statement that really puzzled me though and is the reason I'm writing this blog entry. He then whispered.....

" Yeah, it was cool, but don't tell Mommy."

Now, why this incredible human achievement should be kept from Kristi, I'm not sure.
But for some reason it is something that only us guys should know about.
So, Kristi, when you read this please don't tell Ethan I told you.
I'd hate for him to know I can't keep secrets as important as this.

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