Thursday, April 16, 2015

1 Pound

Just a quick update on things since I haven't posted anything since October.

Home - Life is kuh-ray-zee. Baseball season has taken over our lives. We are at the ballpark every day of the week except Wednesday. It's fun... most of the time.

Church - Everything is going great. I'm seeing more passion in our worship. People are simply responding to what God is doing in and around them. It's beautiful. I'm thankful to witness some walls coming down in the way we worship.

Health - Last week, I hit my highest weight since 2008. =/ I decided enough is enough. So, I've lost 1 whole lb since Monday. My plan right now is more water, less carbs, no eating after 8pm, and more movement. I'll will start running again, but haven't yet because of a million bad excuses. I really want to lose 90 lbs, but my only real goal right now is to lose 12 lbs. We'll see what happens after that.

Personal growth- Right now, life is basically work, baseball, then an hour or so of TV until I fall asleep in the recliner. I know I need to ditch the TV and read a book, but those programs on the dvr aren't gonna watch themselves ya know. Somebody's got to do it. Right? Right?!?

And since no blog entry is complete without a picture... here's a picture of my family on Easter.
Ain't we cute?

The Stinson Family - Easter 2015