Friday, February 20, 2009

Optimus Privates

You guys know I love my kids, right?

Here's further proof of why I love being a Dad.

You get to have conversations like this.......

(Note: Optimus Prime is a toy that can "Transform" from a Robot into an 18 wheeler. When in Robot mode, his windshield ends up on his chest, like a chestplate.)

Ethan: "Daddy, what are these?" (pointing to Optimus's chest)

Me: "Ethan, that's his windshield."

Ethan: "No Daddy. I know it's a windshield when he's a truck. What is it when he's a robot."

Me: "It's his chest"

Ethan "I don't think so Daddy. I think it's his nipples."

Me: "Ethan I'm pretty sure its just his chest. Those would be mighty big nipples."

Ethan: Pauses, pulls up his shirt and looks at his own nipples. and then says "OK, it may be his chest."

2 minutes later....

Ethan: "Daddy, that's his chest, right."

Me: "Yep"

Ethan "So where are his nipples?"

Gotta love it.

1 comment:

  1. You should tell Ethan that robots don't need nipples. Only organic things that aren't plants, insects, fish, fungus, single-cell organisms, bacteria, viruses, Carrot Top, birds, reptiles, and others. Or maybe just mammals. This should clear it right up for him.

    Then you should ask him why dudes have nipples. Hit the ball back into his court. Just stand there and look at him like he's stupid for a little while. That will show him not to try and make you look stupid.

    By the way. Just the other day Billy informed us that he did not like to be bossed around. I told him that he should get a job and pay rent. Then I stood there and looked at him like HE was stupid.