Sunday, March 7, 2010

Sunday Setlist: 03-07-10

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Here's what we did in our AM service at Westwood Baptist Church in the Forestdale community of Birmingham, AL (With my notes).

Prelude: Come Christians, Join To Sing
Baptism - What a great way to start a worship service!

Come Christians, Join To Sing - Updated Hymn arrangement
Great Is Your Faithfulness

Announcements / Fellowship

How Can I Keep From Singing - Saw a great moment I had to share with our congregation, after we sang the first verse I told them of something I had seen during our fellowship time. Our percussionist's son (my nephew Will) ran over to the percussion pit during the fellowship time and tried to get his dad's attention. I could see him saying "Daddy. Daddy? Daddy!!" But his dad, Matt, didn't hear him. Will then started jumping up and down, trying to get Matt's attention. Matt finally looked over and Will was happy to get to "greet" him during the fellowship time.  I couldn't help but think of how our excitement should match Will's when we come in to worship our Heavenly Father as a church body. Thankfully,  don't have to yell or jump up and down to get God's attention, but that's always allowed if we want to. =)
The Potter’s Hand
Offertory Prayer - Deacon   The ushers came in a song too early song and walked down the isles. I think they thought my story about Will and Matt was a transition to the next song. Wasn't a big deal. They just got to stand there for longer than was normal. I did my best just to act like it was supposed to happen that way.

Choir Special: Standing On The Promises  - As we're preparing for Easter right now, our choir is doing a bunch of older songs that we know well for the next few weeks. I pulled out this southern fried, choir arrangement on a whim and it went well.

Transitional Chorus: Great Is Your Faithfulness

Message: “At the Cross: The Savior—from Victim to Victor” (John 19:1-16, 28-30) [new series] Theme: Jesus sacrificed himself to save us

Invitation: Softly & Tenderly
Closing Chorus: How Can I Keep From Singing

Overall a great day at Westwood. Afterward, someone said to me "Great song set" then someone else said "Why don't we do many hymns anymore?" I just laugh. Those kind of comments are expected now. What a great day.

How was your service?