Tuesday, October 23, 2007

I Can't Get No....

Mick Jagger said it and boy was he right.

I can't get no satisfaction.

I've realized recently that this is very true. And I think maybe that's the way life is supposed to be. This entire train of thought started a couple days ago when I was considering what I wanted to ask for for Christmas. In past years I've given a list of stuff to my lovely wife who then uses it to tell family members what to give me. Don't get me wrong, I love a surprise gift. But most people say I'm hard to buy for. That's probably just becuase I have a "NO CLOTHES" for Christmas rule that I try to stick to. It's much more fun to get toys, electronics, and other useless junk.

So, as I was saying, My list started off like it usually does; a few movies, books, CD's, Games, power tools (which rarely get used) and then I started thinking through some larger things; A new computer; new furniture for my home office; a Playstation 3. All together not a bad list, but then I began to think which of these will really effect my life. I mean, which of these is going to make my life easier or bring something to the table. Answer: None of it.

A few years ago I got a Palm Pilot for Christmas. That's probably been one of the best gifts I've ever gotten simply because it made a change in my life. Suddenly I had all my Outlook information in my hand. It did so much that just made my two jobs and home life more simple. But, like most gadgets, it lost it's luster after a while. I rarely carry it now. Most of my contact info is in my phone and (thanks to a recent job change )calendar info I can keep track of in my head. So what do I really need in my life that will make a difference? What do I need/want that will bring some satisfaction?

As I mentioned, that is where this train started. Unfortunately this track was very long. Realizing that none of these things would bring me any satisfaction, I began to consider what does bring me satisfaction. Answer, not much.

Here's an example, I can vividly remember playing Super Mario on Nintendo as a young'un. I played that game everyday for hours hoping to finally reach my goal and complete the final level. (Remember the days when you couldn't save your progress in a video game.) When I did finally reach that final screen and I beat King Koopa,(or whatever his name was) I''m not sure what I expecteded. I think I suspected that money would shoot out from the front of the maching as payment for completing such an awesome adventure. But of course, that didn't happen. Just a screen that said you've won, the end, yada yada yada,. I was so disappointed. No satisfaction. Just the thought of, "well, that's over, what now."

Even as an adult, I've realized the same thing. I directed a musical a few weeks ago at church. I literally spent 6 months planning and prepping for this one night event. When the night finally came, I loved being in the service. But when it was over, there was no real satisfction. Just a feeling of "well, that's over, what now." Don't get me wrong, I loved it and am very proud of it. I'm just refering to the feeling that you get afterwards.

So here's the conclusion that I've come to for now..... Life is not about satisfaction. Life is not about how you feel when something is over. Life is about the stuff that happens when you are in the middle of doing something . It's about the feelings and experiences you have while working on a task, or an adventure, or just a day in your life.

So will I coninue to play video games? You know it. Will I continue to plan large events at church? As long as God lets me. What will I ask for for Christmas. I'll let you know.

Cause I try, and I try, and I try, and I try.