Thursday, September 29, 2011

3 Reasons I May Lose My Man Card

Sorry guys.
Based on my actions of the past few days, I may be required to turn in my membership card to the "man" club. I hate to admit these things, but the bible says we should confess our sins to one another. So with a humble heart, I submit these and am willing to endure the repercussions.

1) I recently started checking out a website/app called Get Glue. Basically you "check in" and log what you're watching, reading, listening to, etc. Through it you can get discounts and coupons and free stickers once a month. I don't care about stickers. But the coupons and discounts, I'm a fan of..
I guess my first confession is that I watch Glee. I'd rather call it "The Sue Sylvester Show". But some of the singing ain't bad either. But worse than watching Glee, I "checked in" that I watched Glee. The pic below shows what posted on Twitter and Facebook without me knowing. So, I encourage everyone to be careful what you allow apps to post about you. Am I unicorn? Hmm?

2) I have a bunch of songs on my iPhone.
4,278 to be exact. Most are from CD's I own. But a few I got because someone loaded them onto the network at church and somehow they transferred into my iTunes file.
Today, while at work listening to songs in shuffle mode, a song by the Jonas Brothers came on. My first concern was why was a Jones Bros song on my iPhone? So that is my confession. I have a Jonas Brothers song on my iPhone. It's not there on purpose, but it is there.
But one even more interesting questions is why did iTunes pic the below pic as the album cover?!?

On a related note..."Umm Bop" by Hanson is on my playlist on purpose. (Wow the confessions are really flowing now.)

3) I recently went into Hobby Lobby, by myself, and bought supplies for embroidering. I've only felt less masculine when I've gone into Walmart to buy feminine products for my wife.

I know these are pretty rough offenses against my manliness.
All I have to offer to make up for it is a little advice:
Guys, if you're ever having to buy feminine products, be sure to add other items. Even if you don't need anything else, grab something, anything. My "go to" items are magazines and gum. Because nothing says "I am a real man" to a cashier more than a guy who has clearly bought items as if he's going home to chew gum, read, and menstruate.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Testing The Blogger App

Today Google announced the new iPhone app for Blogger. So I had to try it.
I'm on my lunch break, sitting in a fast-food parking lot with the windows rolled down, (Thank you, Lord, for this glorious weather.) writing this blog entry on my phone. There's been plenty of ways to do this before, but I'm hoping this app will reduce some of the problems I've had with those other ways.
So today I don't have much to say. Just testing out this new app. Just so you have something to see, here's a couple pics of my cool kids from our recent trip to the gulf.

What apps are you loving right now?