Thursday, February 19, 2009

Who Cares?

This blog entry pertains to the best show on TV right now, LOST.
If you have not seen this weeks episode, and don't want to be spoiled, click away now. If you're not into LOST, I suggest you re-examine your priorities in your life and start watching it. You can see every single episode on for free. How cool is that?

So following the example of my friend Jamie,
here is a play by play of my reactions from last night's episode.

-Cool, opening is the exact same as pilot episode. Jack on ground staring through trees at the sky.
-Note to self, when going back to live on a crazy island again, bring a gun, not a guitar.
-Does Mrs. Hawkings remember Desmond? Yes, she does.
-Mrs. Hawkings is like a creepy teacher.
-Are they believing Mrs. Hawkings story? Quote -Jack "This is ridiculous." I agree.
-Ben's got to "take care of some unfinished business with an old friend"?. I bet he's going to kill Penny!!!!!!
-Shoes!? You've got to get something that belonged to your deceased father, and you get his shoes?
-Where's Aaron!!! Stop sucking face and ask her where Aaron is.
-Wow, what happened to Ben? Who got the best of him? I bet it was Desmond.
-Jack's lost it. He's talking to a dead guy while playing with his feet.
-Who is the guy at the airport that said "sorry for your loss" to Jack. I bet we'll see more of him.
-Sayid? Arrested????
-How'd Hurley get here?
-45 minutes into the show and I've got more questions than answers.
-Quote.. Jack - "What about all these other people? What's going to happen to them?" Ben's response - "Who cares?"
-Yeah, Frank is back. I like Frank, especially when he was "The Lawnmower Man."
-Quote - after seeing all the Oceanic 6 on the plane Frank - "We're not going to Guam are we?"
-Jinn!!!! In Darma clothes!!! In a 70's van that looks new!!!!

I love this show!!!


  1. I don't like more questions. It prompts me to go find spoiler answers... I will resist.

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  3. Just watched my TiVo last night. I'll bet that Sayid was Kate's replacement.. someone getting arrested and in handcuffs. Hugo was Charlie's replacement. Guitar? I'll bet he doesn't even know how to play.

    And the thought about why Ben was so messed up is a good question... is Desmond dead? Is Penny dead and now Des going to seek revenge and come to the island to kill Ben?

    I still like that Jack summed up the whole show so far... "This is ridiculous."

  4. This show is a classic, I wish they would find a way to keep it going for another couple of years.. Ben has slowly worked his way up to being one of my favorites.

  5. one more thing I found a cool Blog about the show..check it out when you get a chance