Friday, July 25, 2014

How I'm Going To Be A Millionaire

Disclaimer: I wrote this at almost midnight on Thursday. I might have been a little delusional.

If today were a normal day, I'd begin this blog entry by making up some excuse about why I haven't blogged in almost 6 months. But today is no normal day. Today will go down in history as the day millionaire tycoon Shawn Stinson came up with the idea that changed his life and the lives of all his family forever. So, no, I will not apologize for not blogging since February. Instead I'll begin this blog by saying this....

If you need me, I'll be at the beach thinking of ways to spend my new fortune.

Oh wait, I guess you probably want to hear my idea.
OK. Fine.
Here it is.

As I packed clothes into a suitcase tonight for a trip I'm going on, I thought "Wouldn't it be great if we didn't have to pack for vacation." Then it hit me...
Rental Clothes.
Yep, that right. Clothes you can rent.

Going to the beach?
Got a couple cool kids who like sporty comfortable clothes?
Got a lovely young wife who likes to dress fashionably?
Got a dad who's on the hefty side and prefers comfort over style?
Most of all, are you tired of packing the car, unpacking at the condo, then repacking just days later to head home. Of course you are.
Don't fret. Call BeachWear. 
For only $250 a week you can rent clothes for your entire family for the week.

Just log into our website, let us know all about your trip destination, your family's sizes and styles, then you can arrive at your destination and find clothes there waiting on you. When your trip is over, just leave them. Well pick them up.
For a nominal additional fee, we can also include toiletries, beach toys, other related supplies.

Once we have offices on every popular beach, we'll expand to MountainWear then SkiWear.

Man, how has no one thought of this before?!?  

It's a genius idea, right?

Yep, I thought so.
I know I'd pay anything right know to keep from having to finish this packing.

Well, It's been nice knowing all of you.
Thanks to this great idea, I might not see you again.
I'm moving on up.