Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I want all of you to know I hate Tea.

Sweet tea, unsweet tea, green tea, even coffee, I hate em' all.

Why someone decided it would be a good idea to take a bag of dirt, put it in water and drink it, I'll never know.

Usually, when I'm at a dinner, if I'm given tea to drink I'll just drink it quietly without saying much. I won't puike or anything. I guess I can bear it. I just don't like it. If given the choice of a cold glass of tea or a warm cup of water, I'd probably choose the water.

You may be wondering "Why's Shawn so worked up about tea?". Well, I'll tell you, 3 times this week I've order coke or water at a restaurant and been given tea instead. And to top it all off, today I went to Milo's. You see, I LOVE their coke. They get the mix of carbonation and sugary goodness just right. I also like the cool crunchy ice they have. But I digest, I mean... digress. When I left the drive-thru I took a huge swig of my drink almost excited about the refreshing coca-cola. To my horror my mouth was full of dirty water. Yuk!

There's not much worse than taking a drink or bite of something expecting it to be something else. Your system just goes into shock for a minute. I once saw someone eat a spoonful of sourcream thinking it was frozen yogurt. It's very funny to watch, not very funny to experience.

Anyway, I just needed to vent for a minute. I know I'm in the minority. Very few people are anti tea and coffee. All I ask is that folks don't assume that everyone likes tea.

Dirty Water Haters Unite!