Wednesday, February 11, 2009

101 things to do

I was looking at my many to-do lists today and realized that I've got a lot on my plate.
When I combined the lists just from home and church I have almost 101 things I need to do.
Some more important than others, but needed none the less.
You just might learn a little about me and my family along the way.
So here, not including stuff I need to do for my full time job, is my list of 101 things I need to do.

You'll notice a theme as you go through this list. Some of them effect the next one on the list. Especially the ones that begin with these #'s 5, 12, 25, 39, & 74. They

1. Paint wooden Front Porch railing
2. Weather proof wood on back deck.
3. Pressure wash the brick around bottom of house to get mud from construction off.
4. Repair crack in concrete sidewalk
5. Repair vinyl siding issue above garage doors
6. Buy ladder so I can Repair vinyl siding issue above garage doors
7. Lose weight so I don’t exceed the maximum weight restriction of affordable ladder
8. Repair hole by mailbox that postman left me nice note asking me to fix
9. Research retaining walls and other options for keeping mud off of driveway
10. Remove old barbed wire fence and brush from in front of and along side of property.
11. Remove dead pine tree from tree line
12. Research types of plants to use in yard
13. Buy plants and material to use in landscaping of yard
14. Plant the plants in the yard
15. Enjoy looking at plants in the yard for a few weeks
16. Dig up plants that have died during those few weeks.
17. Buy more plants
18. Plant those plants
19. Be sure to water plants in the yard.
20. Sweep Garage to remove mud that was in driveway and was tracked into garage
21. Put up more shelving garage
22. Organize garage
23. Organize storage room in garage
24. Put up shelving in inside storage room
25. Pressure wash outside storage shed to remove what appears to be green mold from siding.
26. Find lost key to storage shed
27. Move storage shed to better place in yard
28. Run power to storage shed in new spot.
29. Organize storage shed
30. Give Kristi key to storage shed so it doesn’t get lost again
31. Buy books shelves for office
32. Organize office
33. Build new computer out of all the old computer parts in the office for boys to play with.
34. Re-organize files in the office
35. Shred old files in the office
36. Finalize Storehouse issues (long story for another day)
37. Shred everything that says Storehouse (same long story)
38. Run wiring for surround sound in living room
39. Purchase new entertainment console
40. Purchase 46” HD1080p lcd television
41. Mount new 46” HD1080p lcd television
42. Call for help while attempting to mount new 46” HD1080p lcd television
43. Successfully beg and plead charter or AT&T to make high speed internet available for my house
44. Purchase Playstation 3
45. Spend all free time playing PS3 online
46. Apologize to my wife and children for ignoring them due to playing PS3
47. Call Exterminator before the ants come in the house, again.
48. Organize “junk drawers” so that we only have 2, not 7.
49. Figure out a plan so that laundry goes from dryer to closet or drawers rather than dryer to laundry room floor.
50. Repair broken tiles on kitchen floor
51. Work on storage space under the house making it more usable.
52. Finalize Date for Easter Musical
53. Finalize song list for Easter Musical
54. Finalize drama/video for Easter Musical
55. Finalize involvement of community churches for Easter Musical
56. Work on Marketing for Easter Musical
57. Organize soloists & duets for Easter Musical
58. Work on “special music” calendar
59. Work on Children’s choir calendar
60. Begin looking at VBS music
61. Pick children’s choir musical
62. Pick Fall Worship musical
63. Discuss community Christmas concert ideas with Minor high school and other churches (too many details to list)
64. Work on Choir website for better communication
65. Research podcasting for Steve’s sermons
66. Play ball with Ethan to get him ready for "coach pitch" this season.
67. Work with Gavin on using the potty. I'm really tired of diapers.
68. Practice guitar every day
69. Write a praise song
70. Lead at least one song from guitar this year.
71. Read the entire bible
72. Read all the books I have before buying any more.
73. Run in a 5k
74. Buy the embroidery machine from Kendra for Kristi that we’ve discussed.
75. Take Embroidery machine to have it “tuned up”.
76. Watch Kristi try to lean to monogram.
77. Watch Kristi get tired of trying to learn to monogram.
78. Box up monogramming machine for storage
80. Seek buyer for monogramming machine
81. Sell comic books on e-bay
82. Sell G.I. Joe’s on ebay
83. Sell Star Wars figure on e-bay
84. Sell old Palm Pilot stuff on e-bay
85. Wash car
86. Vaccum car
87. Clean out trunk
88. Wax car
89. Have car serviced
90. Have Kristi’s car serviced
91. Organize plans for Anniversary trip to the Mtns.
92. Find worship leader fill in for that weekend
93. Research Disney trip for Family in Fall of 2010
94. Edit old home movie footage
95. Edit old MoreAbundant concert footage
96. Make video for Ethan’s 5th Birthday
97. Work on website
98. Find way to make money on website
99. Retire from full time job due to money made on website
100. Work full time as a worship leader and blog guru.
101. Take time to do more of these things and less time making lists


  1. Holy Crap. This is why I don't make lists. I think that I would hit myself in the face with a hammer if I had a list like this. Holy crap.

  2. Wow I am exhausted just reading this list..Are you sure you don't live at my house? Just prioritze: God,family, Jobs, PS3 and everthing else can wait:-) BTW way if you need some help mounting that tv let me know..