Thursday, June 19, 2008

Mystery Squeaks

For months my car has been making a bizarre noise. I've never been able to figure out where it was coming from. While driving, especially on bumpy roads, I'd hear a light squeak coming from the left side of my car. It always sounded like it was something loose in the door, or drivers side mirror, or maybe even in the suspension.
This past weekend I was driving Kristi's car and heard something that sounded like the same noise. I listened very closely to try to pinpoint the noise but had no luck. Being that I'd now heard it in two vehicles I came to 2 possible conclusions..1.) I'm going deaf and instead of a ringing in my ears, I've got a squeak or 2.) I'm so heavy that I've managed to put a strain on the suspension of both a Hond Accord and an suv. Either way I was not happy.
So, 3 minutes ago, I'm at my desk at work, I begin to drum on the desk with a pen in each hand and squeak, squeak, squeak is the sound I hear from the hinges on my watchband as it wiggles loosely on my arm.
I'm such an idiot.