Sunday, May 6, 2007

random thoughts

So, I've found myself with about 2 hours and nothing urgent that needs to be done. are some random thoughts from the past few weeks.

1.) Kids say the darndest things - Last week I heard Ethan use the phrases "take a dump" and "what the heck?". Sadly, he said he heard the former from me and the latter from a cartoon. I guess I need to be more careful with what I say from now on. Little ears and always listening.

2.) Elton John still knows how to rock even at 60 years old. Great concert.

3.) Gavin crawled forward for the first time last night. He'd known how to go in reverse, but never could seem to find drive. Now, we've got to go back into child protection mode. It's amazing what little kids can find on the floor once their mobile.

4.) I'm losing interest in the show Smallville. I've loved it since I first got a bootleg copy of the pilot a month before it aired. But now I'm just ready for it to end. That makes me sad.

5.) I have no time to play my playstation. Sleep has taken a higher priority. That makes me kind of sad too.

6.) I need to take guitar lessons. I want to play, but need some guidance on where to begin and I need someone to help keep me accountable to practicing on a regular basis.

7.) I love Mrs. Stratton's Chicken salad. I rarely go into wal-mart without buying a package of it. I usually eat some of it as a meal with some club crackers. I think I just heard Joseph say to me "I can hear you getting fatter."

8.) I no longer find American Idol entertaining. Now that Sanjaya's off, who cares.

9.) I've heard that every marriage has a "spender" and a "saver". Do you know what you are when you have two spenders? Broke.

10.)Even as I sit here, I've realized there are other things I should be doing, but I'm choosing not to. Does that make me undisciplined? Probably.