Friday, November 18, 2011

My Son, The Celebrity

This picture was in our local newspaper today.
It's cool to see my son get this media attention.
But I gotta I'm worried.

I know how this goes.
We've all seen it before.

It begins with a little exposure to the public.Before you know it, he's dating a Kardashian and being harassed by TMZ. I pray that this celebrity status doesn't go to his head. But if it does...

Ethan, your dear mother and I love you. We hope you'll remember us during your 15 minutes of fame. When the bright lights and big city are calling you, keep in mind these words: People are only out for themselves. Don't let anyone use or take advantage of you in any way. Also, please plug my blog every chance you get. I need more people to like talesfromstreetroad on Facebook. But mostly, remember the thing about not letting people take advantage.

Ok, seriously now.
I was surprised to see you in the paper today.
That's awesome and you're super cool.
Love you dude!

Thursday, November 10, 2011


If you've read my blog previously, you've probably noticed that I'm not really funny.
But I'm thankful that people around me are.
They give me something interesting to post for you fine folks to enjoy.

So for today's tale from Street Road I feel I must highlight my youngest son, Gavin.
He brought a little entertainment into my morning, not once, but 3 times.

1.) At 6:30, while eating breakfast, he said:
"Daddy you actually look even older with those glasses, cause old people wear glasses." I couldn't help but laugh, then immediately posted my sons bash on me onto the Twitter. I like that he can sound so sweet and put someone down at the same time.

2.) At 7:10, while getting into my car for me to take him to my mother in law's house, he paused before climbing all the way in and said "Daddy, your car smells like cheese sticks.". I just laughed on the outside, but on the inside I was thinking "No son. That's cheeseburgers."
(Side bar: Since she is the mother of The Lovely Kristi, I just considered calling my mother in law "The Lovely Mother in Law" but that just didn't seem appropriate. Your thoughts?)

3.) At 7:15, after we fed the dogs, Gavin told me he needed to warm up his voice for the day and began doing this....

So of course I made him do it again for the camera.

So within 45 minutes, Gavin made me laugh at least 3 memorable times. I gotta admit, it made me wish I could have hung out with this cool kid even longer.

Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Deep Thoughts On A Wednesday Afternoon

I saw this posted on the Twitter a few minutes ago...

"The way I lead worship doesn't really lead ME in worship. I love & believe in how I lead, but I'm led in very different ways." @worshipVJ

It's got me thinking about how I lead worship.
How am I led in worship?
Why do I lead the way I do?
How do the two differ?
Why haven't I thought about these questions on my own much before now?

I don't really have any answers right now. But I have a feeling these questions will be on my mind for a while. Who knew such a simple tweet could have me thinking such deep thoughts in a booth at Zaxby's on a Wednesday afternoon.

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me on the Twitter @cshawnstinson.

Thursday, November 3, 2011

Was Blind But Now I See

Well, maybe not blind.
But I did notice, back in the spring, that I was having to squint more often to read small print. So after putting it off for too long, I went to an eye Dr.
I fully expected him to test me then laugh and say "Why'd you come here? Your vision is totally normal." But instead his reply was "Wow, why didn't you come in sooner." I was not a happy camper. I was diagnosed with astigmatism in one eye and what I think is called "bad eyesight" in the other. It's actually near sighted or farsighted, but I don't remember which or know the difference in such things.

Well, that all happened in June. I put off actually getting the glasses until a couple weeks ago. I finally got them on Monday. To my surprise they actually work. They're not life changing. I can still see without them. But it's like watching standard TV then TV in high def. One is clearly better than the other, but not required.

I have made one little mistake since getting them though. When I first wore them in front of The Lovely Kristi, I said "I could see you before, but now I can see the pores in your face." When I told this story to a coworker later, he said "Pores in your face?! You didn't say 'I can now see how beautiful your eyes really are.' ?"


Sadly, I went with the pores.

They have a cure to help with my eye problems. They're called glasses. Hopefully someone will come up with something to help with my mouth.

Side note: My pores comment was based solely on the magnification power of my new glasses. The Lovely Kristi has beautiful, average (if not smaller than average) size pores.