Thursday, June 9, 2011

From The Minds Of Babes

Well, I'm blogging again. I figure an 8 week break was long enough. So here we go....

If you come over unannounced, you might find our living room floor looking like this....

You may notice a few lego bricks on the floor.

Recently I helped Ethan and Gavin pick up their legos and found a few interesting creations I thought were worth sharing.

One thing I noticed quickly is that Ethan, the 7yr old, is all about building vehicles.  Once he builds one, he never touches it again. It is not a toy. It is a masterpece. The best ones make their way to his dresser to be displayed proudly to all his visitors.

On the other hand, Gavin, the 4yr old, likes to play mostly with the lego people. I have seen him sit for long periods of time playing only with the lego people. He even has a box of some of his favorites in his room.
I'm not sure, but I think Squidward has been hired as a policeman and put in charge of security of the lego people community.

As I cleaned up legos that night, I couldn't help but notice a few of Gavin's creations that were extra special. These creations are completely his. I have not posed them, I simply stood them up and snapped a pic. He gets all the credit...

Let's see. What's happening here? Patrick from Spongebob is wearing an astronaut helmet, a coastguard jacket and motorcycle chaps. Sounds like just a regular day for Patrick. Oh, yeah, and he's missing an arm. Good thing he's a starfish and can grow it back.

Ok, Scuba tank on his back. motorcycle helmet, two guns, and an open shirt with Tatoos. Looks to me like this guy is looking for a whole lot of trouble and a good chest waxing.

Scuba tank, large guns, and a vertical frying pan hat? Your guess is as good as mine.

Catching butterflies? Ear deformity? Only Gavin knows for sure.

Playing the part of part of Pinocchio today is C-3PO. "I'm a real boy.. specializing in human cyborg relations."

I got this one all figure out... Luke Skywalker, after destroying the death star, gets his medal from Princess Leia, then immediately heads to the beach to show of his prizes from war: a storm trooper helmet and some weapons, and of course his sexy legs. Look out ladies. Luke is on the prowl.

And finally my favorite: Darth Vader, feeling he needs a new look, trades his famous helmet for the much more terrifying "Ax hat."

Do you have better captions for any of these? Do share....