Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Life Changing Decision

I made a decision last night that has potential to be sort of life changing in a number of small ways.

Here’s the decision…
I’ve decided to give up a lot of the TV shows I watch.

My current list of TIVO’d shows is huge. What makes it worse is that I have a bad habit of trying to watch them all as soon as possible and deleting them every night. That typically means that I sit down at approx 9:30 pm and watch the TIVO’d shows until 1am so I can catch up. That's almost 4 hrs of time sure could be useful for other activities. I’ve made this decision because I realized this will help in other areas as well.

With less TV…. I will not be as tempted to eat an unhealthy snack late at night.
With less TV…. I’ll have time to play guitar (I have a goal to play in a worship service before 2009 is over.)
With less TV…. I’ll have time to read. (I have a bad habit of buying books. Not reading books, but buying books.)
With less TV…. I’ll be more likely to get my clothes together for the following day rather than running around trying to gather them every morning.
With less TV…. I’ll have time to work on a website project I’ve had in mind for a while. (more on this to come in a later blog)
With less TV…. I’ll have time to be more helpful around the house: dishes, laundry, simply cleaning up after myself.
(OK, that last one might be reaching a bit)

So, it is with a little sadness that I say goodbye to the following..
Goodbye Mythbusters, I’ve learned a lot from you nerds.
Goodbye C.S.I. : Miami. Horatio Caine, you and your sunglasses have been very entertaining.
Goodbye Law & Order. It was nice watching one show that didn’t carry over from week to week.
Goodbye KYLE XY. I admit I outgrew your teen angst a long time ago, but have enjoyed your superhero abilities.
Good bye C.S.I.: New York. I’m not sure why I watch you. I don’t feel any loss saying goodbye.
Goodbye My Name is Earl. : I’ll miss all of you, especially Crab Man.
Goodbye Dexter: Your serial killer ways were creepy and entertaining. I think that says something about me.
Goodbye Chuck: I’ve never been sure you were worth an entire hour. Maybe 30 minutes.
To all the others: Hell’s Kitchen, Late Night w/ Letterman, etc.. You will be missed but not forgotten.

I’m not giving up TV all together. These get to stay.
American Idol
Heroes (Barely, almost got cut)
Ghost Whisperer (only because I’ve been with you for so long. Your current story line is pretty stupid.)
Battlestar Galactica
The Office
30 Rock
Without A Trace
Law and Order SVU

OK, OK! I admit, that’s still a long list.
But 2 hrs of TV a night is better than almost 4 , right?

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  1. So responsible and grown up of you! It pays to have a Tivo that can't multi-task like mine. A lot of good tv comes on at the same time...choices made for you.