Thursday, April 15, 2010

LOST Schedule

Ok, ok. I know you probably dont care about this post.
I'm sure it's no surprise to any of you to hear that I'm completely addicted to LOST. I probably haven't been this excited about watching something on television since 2nd grade when I'd run home every afternoon from school to watch The G.I. Joes try to stop Cobra from building the M.A.S.S. Device.

For some reason this show hooked me big time. Not only do I watch the show, but I listen to at least 3 podcasts about it and follow 4 Lost related websites. It is the greatest story ever put on television. Each episode makes you asks more questions while giving you very few answers. It's maddening and awesome.

So today I discovered two things I thought I'd share.
First a schedule of the remaining episodes. It all ends in May. and that makes me sad. But seeing these episode titles makes me a little giddy as I consider what might happen in each show.

4/20/10  "The Last Recruit"  - Recruit to who's side? UnLocke? or Jacob's?

4/27/10  Repeat - "Ab Aeterno"  - Sad to hear about a repeat. But this is a great one to choose to show again.

5/4/10  "The Candidate"  - Will they reveal who the final candidate to replace Jacob is?

5/11/10 "Across the Sea" - I know that this is the 15th episode this season and from what I hear, very few regular cast members are in it. Makes me wonder if they'll tell the back story of Jacob and UnLocke. I hope so. I'm dying to know who the kid in the jungle in the tattered clothes is that keeps appearing to Unlocke.

5/18/10 "What They Died For" - Wait! What!? Died? Who died? When did they die? Oh No!

Sunday 5/23/10 8-10 p.m. "The End"  -  The Grand finale. All questions will be answered. Well, probably not. I was at least glad to hear one of the actors say that after filming the finale he was "very satisfied" with how it ended.

Wonder if I will be?

Until then, I'm just counting down the days and hours until the next episode..."The Last Recruit"