Thursday, March 31, 2011

He Commenced To Shaving

I was looking through some old pics earlier and found these. 

Wow. These are bad.

On December 19th, 2009 I had a crazy idea to stop shaving. I even blogged about it here and here.
I had never before tried to grow a beard. It didn't take me long to see that this experiment just wasn't going to be a success for me. Some guys can grow awesome thick beards. Some can't. I'm one of the latter.
So one month into this experiment I decided I was done. I was tired of the itching and gross looking growth on my face so I decided to shave it all off on January 17th, 2010.
Unfortunately for her, the lovely Kristi was there to take pics of the shaving process. Enjoy...

Full beard, after 4 weeks of not shaving. side view.

Same full beard, front view. And yes, I'm rocking a glorious v-neck white undershirt.

The Shaving begins, with lambchop sideburns.

Almost a goatee...but not quite. A sad mustache and hair under your chin do not a goatee make.

What I might look like if my neck hair would decide to move on up my chin towards my mouth where it should be.

My Colonel Sanders look.

Soul patch? Not even.

Who has two thumbs and looks like Louie the plumber from Chicago? This guy.
This is my "I've just tied a damsel to the railroad tracks and I dare the hero to come save her" mustache.
And finally, back to my fat baby face, but still rocking that awesome shirt. =)   

What do you think? Should I try this experiment again?

Special thanks to the lovely Kristi for the photography work,
and to the Rick & Bubba Show for the inspiration for this entry's title.

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  1. Please. Please. PLEASSSSSEEEE!!!! Grow a 'stache. I cannot put into words how cool you look with a 'stache. When I looked at the picture of the 'stache I was almost pulled into the monitor because of the gravity vortex created by the awesome.