Friday, March 25, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 12 - Before & During

Everyone loves "before and after pics", right?
I mean, my favorite part of any weight loss or makeover show is the last few minutes when you see the comparison of how the person originally looked to how they look now. Well, I'm not ready to say this is a "before and after" blog post because I'm not even half way to meeting my final goal yet. But when I saw our recent Gatlinburg pics I remembered that I had pics from us taking the same trip back on 2008. So for your shock and awe, along with my stats for this week, I present this comparison....

The lovely Kristi and I in March 2008. I was at my heaviest ever.

The lovely Kristi and I, 3 years later. and me about 37 lbs lighter.

Apparently, all my weight loss so far has come from my chins.

 Here are the stats from Friday 03/25/11
Weight in Spring 2008 = 330.5 lbs (heaviest ever)
Final Goal Weight = 230.0 lbs
Weight 01/01/11 = 310.6 lbs
Last Week's Weight = 295.4
Current Weight = 291.4 lbs
This week's Δ = -4 lbs
This year’s Δ = -19.2 lbs
Total Δ = -39.4 lbs
To go = 61.4 lbs.

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  1. I just have to say that the lovely Kristi is still very lovely. And remember Shawn, when you don't want your chins to show, always look up when you take a picture:) Yes, you might show too much nose hair, but your chins melt away!!