Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Big Brother Is Watching You

Blogging is weird. 
Well, maybe I should say my blog is weird.

A lot of bloggers find a topic and stick to it. But mine is sort of all over the place. So I’m not really sure what topic brought you here today. I’ve been trying to learn more about blogging and one of the things I’ve learned is that it’s a good idea to know where your readers are coming from and what they want to read. Now, I'm not a fan of Big Brother following my every move on the internet. But I've given up on ever having any privacy. And honestly, I'm having a little fun being able to see how you got to this blog.

According to Google Analytics over half of the people who visit my little area of the interwebs come through my connections with them on Facebook. (Side note: Big thanks to all of you who “liked” Tales from Street Road on facebook recently. Thanks to you, I now have my own facebook url.  If you haven’t yet “liked” it yet go to and do that now.... What are you waiting for?)

Another chunk of you have found me through my connection with, specifically the Sunday setlists that I participate in sharing weekly.

But probably the most intriguing group of visitors are those that stumbled here, those that clicked on a link and ended up here by accident. Through the magic that is Google Analytics, I have learned that there are a few folks who were on a google search for something specific and instead they found me.  What phrases do you think they were looking for that led them here?

 - “Worship leading”? ....nope

 - “Stories of family life”?....nope

 - “Interesting blogs”?.....Not even close

The number one phrase that brought people here from google is ... "Wheel of Cheese".

Yep, “Wheel of Cheese” brought more people here from Google than any other phrase.  I assume it was this little entry from 2009 that they found.

Other interesting search terms on that list were... 
- “fat people” 
- “10% fat” 
- “assumptions about fat people”

Based on this list, I’m beginning to think I should diversify my blog topics a little. 
Besides cheese, what do you think I should write about?

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