Wednesday, January 6, 2010


I always strive to be a positive person.
I try to let that relect in everything I do, including this blog and my facebook status.
So usually when I put something out there, I want it to be something that's funny, or even just goofy.
Today is a little different. I've had a rough day. and I'm gonna complain some about it.

First, I started off my day looking at this face in the mirror. I know it's not obvious, but I'm attempting to grow a beard. I haven't shaved since December 18th. That's been almost 3 weeks ago. I've never seriously attempted to grow a beard before because I knew it would take so long. I was right. I'm one of those "lucky" guys who doesn't have to shave very often. Usually, as long as I shave once a week or so, no one even notices. But honestly, today as I looked in the mirror. I was pretty disappointed with my facial hair. It looks more like a patch of rainforest that has been stripped for timber than the thick manly beard I've been desiring.

So anyway, as I left the house I was already feeling a little down. Next, as I was driving to work this morning I noticed a white smear of something on the back of my left hand. I deduced quickly that is was toothpaste. I then glanced at the napkin in my passenger seat but decided that instead of using that, I would simply lick off the smear. Expecting the taste of toothpaste, I was more than shocked when it tasted more like what I imagine battery acid tastes like. But, not only did it taste bad, within seconds I felt my tongue drying out. What a weird sensation. Wondering if I'd just poisoned myself, I tried to figure out what I had just licked. Clearly my sense of taste and sight was of no help, so I smelled it. A-Ha! Deodorant! My feeling of joy from discovering the source was brief though, because my tongue was still in the process of turning into sandpaper. What to do?  Again, looking around my car I was happy to see the cup of ice still in my cup holder from the night before. Since I had left my car in the driveway last night instead of bringing it into the garage, the ice had remained frozen all night. So I quickly took a swig.

Thats the sound that rang through my head as the huge bulk of ice released from the bottom of the cup and slammed into my teeth. Instead of being nice little pieces of ice, my front teeth were met with one huge ice block. The ice had thawed some during the night then refroze into this wonderful sculputre.

 Luckily, I didn't crack any teeth, but my mouth was sore for a while this morning. So, I was now suffering from a sore mouth, and a drying tongue. So I did what anyone would do. I licked the iced block.

Honestly though , I laughed it off and didn't think much about how the day was starting.

When I finally arrived at work, I did my normal morning routine...
Turn on monitor, fill bottle of water, check voicemail, plug in my personal external hard drive so I can have access to my iTunes files, plug in my iphone, get out my pen and order book for the day, check e-mai....Hey, wait a minute.... My computer isn't recognizing my external hard drive!
So I tried unplugging it and plugging it again. All to no avail.
My external hard drive is not working. I did a lot of research on this, and it appears to have died. It simply beeps continuously, instead of turning on. Ugh! Luckily this is not a huge loss though. I did have photos, videos, and stuff for work and church on there, but it was just a backup source for all of those things.
The only thing I did lose was my iTunes files and all my music. Approximately 5,000 songs were on there. Now, if I can't fix my drive, it appears I'll have to reload all of those CD's. What a headache.

Overall, the day wasn't awful, just not a good as I hoped it would be.
I have no doubt it will get better tonight at church and choir rehearsal,. (At least, I hope it will.)

So, how was your day?

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