Sunday, March 20, 2011

Sunday Setlist 03-20-11

How was your worship Service this morning?
Ours was great. We laughed. We cried. I loved it. It was much better than cats. 

But seriously, the service went well this morning.
I planned our service using a little more traditional music than I typically would.
Our students were scheduled to be out of town on retreat, but that got canceled just a week ago.
Rather than changing plans to make the service a little more contemporary, I decided to stick with the original plan. You may wonder why I would even think about such things. That's the way I typically pan our services. I try to consider who will be in attendance. Who will be worshipping that day? What elements of the service or style of music helps them connect with the Father most? I know some might say it is better for your church to have a style and that you should rarely deviate from that. But I think rather than sticking to church's specific worship style, it is better to consider the people attending and what their needs are. What do you think?

Anyway, here's what we did...

Opened with Statewide Day of Prayer 1stPriority Video
Call To Worship: I’ve Been Changed” (Old Southern Hymn) Choir & Orchestra

Announcements: Shawn

Praise To The Lord The Almighty (HYMN))
Oh, How I Love Jesus (HYMN)
Welcome & Fellowship: Bro. Steve

Are You Washed In The Blood (HYMN) (I love watching the white 95% of our church try to clap on the off beat. =)
Jesus Messiah (Tomlin)

Special Music: This Is How We Know (Redman) Shawn , with CD trax
I try not to sing many solos. I know people tire of hearing me. But I decided this would be a good way to introduce this song. Hope to teach it as a congregational song and have us singing it together by Easter Sunday.

Message: ““Lamb of God: The Promise” (Genesis 22:1-18) - Bro. Steve
Great Message from Bro. Steve. comparing the sacrifice that Abraham almost had to make of his son Isaac, with the sacrifice that God did make for us. Our pastor has really been "on " recently. If you're in central Alabama anytime and want to hear a great message from God's word. please stop on by.

Invitation: You Are My King (Amazing Love) (Foote)
Closing Chorus: Take Up Your Cross (Brooklyn Tab)

How was Your Sunday??

This entry is part of the Sunday Setlists over at There you can check out what churches are doing all over the world. This entry is about the Sunday morning worship service at Westwood Baptist Church in the Forestdale community of Birmingham, AL (Our services generally include a 30-35 voice choir, 4 person praise team, and full orchestra.)

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