Wednesday, January 13, 2010

BeardWatch: Week 3

I mentioned last week that I've decided not to shave during the month of January. I've never let my beard grow before, so I figured I'd do it once just for curiosity's sake.

I haven't shaved since Friday Dec 18th. That means it's been 3.5 weeks. This how it looks today. I think my mother in law has described it better than anyone when she said "It doesn't look like a beard. It just looks like you haven't shaved". What a perfect description.  Clearly, it's mostly a "neck beard". Unfortunately it doesn't connect with the "crust-ache" that's going on either. And sadly, I think it would look a little better if it were darker, but alas, there's a lot of blonde in it (tribute to my days as a blonde when I was a toddler). I have no doubt, I'll get rid of it come February, but for now I'm going to stick with it. I'm interested to see how (or if) it changes before being shaved in February.

What do you think? Should it stay or go?


  1. I like the clean shaven better, it makes you look younger which is what we live for after we turn 35 :-) But to be honest shaving does get old!

  2. By the time of this posting you have most likely shaved the beard. Beards are like relationships. They should be nurtured, loved, and fed. They should not be abandoned at the first sign of adversity. Think of your beard as you would your lovely wife. Annoying and itchy at first but you wouldn't know what to do without her now. This is how I think of my beard. Not your wife. Keep the beard.

  3. By the way Chris. I actually really like the white in my beard. One day it will be completely white and I will quit all my jobs and be the best mall Santa that has ever been.