Wednesday, March 2, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 8

Ok, so this is 5 days late. I said I'd do this every Friday.
I know you were on pins and needles waiting for this update.
Well you can stop worrying now, because here it is...

Last week was an ok week. I dropped a little more than a pound. I know if I would have exercised more I would have seen better results on the scale. Hopefully I'll prove my theory this week because of the recent purchase I made. Kristi and I decided to use part of our tax refund this year to purchase a treadmill. So far, I've used it twice a day and no clothes have been hung on it. I hope I can still say that months from now.

Here were my stats last week (As of Friday 02/25).

Weight in Spring 2008 = 330.5 lbs (heaviest ever)
Final Goal Weight = 230.0 lbs
Weight 01/01/11 = 310.6 lbs
Last Week's Weight = 298.4
Current Weight = 297.2 lbs
This week's Δ = -1.2 lbs
This year’s Δ = -13.4 lbs
Total Δ = -33.3 lbs
To go = 67.2 lbs.

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