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Sunday Setlist 12-27-09

This entry is part of the list at Fred Mckinnon's blog. There you can see many other setlist from churches and find out what other services were like around the world.

Here's what we did at Westwood Sunday.

Prelude: I'll Fly Away (Instrumental)
*Not To Us
*How Great Is Our God w/ How Great Thou Art
Welcome / Announcements / Fellowship
*I'll Fly Away
*Jesus Paid It All w/ Oh Praise The One
Offertory Prayer
Special Music - Revelation Song  - Praise Team
Message: Joseph Kinnaird (Student Minister)
Invitation: I Surrender All (New Hymn arrangement)
Closing Chorus: How Great Thou Art (chorus only)

The service was very different than normal. Because of the holidays, I gave the choir and wind section of the orchestra the morning off. So worship was led by the rhythm section and praise team only. I had considered bringing the entire band out of the orchestra pit and onto the stage to give it more of a band feel, but the morning sermon included an 8'X8' tent as a prop. So that idea was put on hold until later.

"I'll Fly Away" is a song I've only led 2 or 3 times in 5 years of leading worship at Westwood. So when we do it, those who enjoy it really get into it. I used it as both the prelude (to help set the upbeat tone for the service) and as the song following the fellowship time.

The arrangements of "How Great Is Our God"  & "Jesus Paid It All" we did are great songs that have helped calm any worship wars that might creep up at our church. They are newer (written within the past decade =) arrangements of older hymns that any generation can connect to at some level. This time we did "How Great..." with a split of the bridge (Name above all names...) and the chorus between the men and women. It sounded great and transitioned beautifully into the chorus of "How Great Thou Art". I love it when the church is worshipping at a level where their voices can be heard, over the music, singing praises to God.

Since the choir was off, I had the praise team introduce "Revelation Song" to our church. The soprano soloist I had planned for the first verse was sick, so I did it myself. That was probably a mistake. Also, many of the praise team members had never heard the song until rehearsal that morning, and that was my fault as well. I should have made sure they all had access to it earlier, but with the rush of the holidays, it slipped through the cracks. Fortunately though, they picked up on it quickly and as we sang it some of the congregation began to sing along as well, so I invited them to stand and sing it with us. I thought it went well for a "first time" song. I have no doubt we'll be hearing it again in the weeks to come.

Our pastor was out of town for the holidays so Joseph, our student minister, spoke. He did a great job teaching about the sins of Achan in Joshua 7. The tent I mentioned earlier was used as a way to demonstrate some of the sins we may think we can hide in our tents. Inside the tent were many different symbols of things that can seperate us from God. It was a very visual message and I thought Joseph did a good job presenting it.

We closed with a newer arrangement of the old hymn "I Surrender All". I love this arrangement, but it always throws our folks who sing parts. The melody is the same as before, but the harmonies are not.

Overall, I thought everything went very well Sunday morning.

Sadly, things did not go quite as smoothly Sunday night when I had us do a favorite hymns service. The crowd blows the dust off the hymnals and calls out hymn #'s they want us to sing. This time they picked a bunch I'd never heard before. Not a lot of fun sight reading old hymns in a microphone. =)

How was your Sunday?

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