Sunday, December 20, 2009

On The Eighth Day Of Christmas

This entry is the 8th in my 12 Days of Christmas series. 12 cool gifts for the nerd in your life.

On the eighth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
An addition to a weird collection.

This gift idea requires you to know your nerdy friend or loved one very well.
Most nerds have some kind of collection; stamps, comics, old books, belly button lint, etc.
If you truly love a nerd, then you know them well enough to ask about their collection.
Be warned though, this might mean having to sit through a seemingly endless one-sided conversation about their collection. But if you can mange to stay awake through that, then you'll get to the information you need. You'll learn what item is missing from their nerdy collection. Then you can begin your hunt to find that needed item, that "holy grail".

Here, in case you're having trouble sleeping, is a description of my nerdy collection that few folks know about.  If you feel you know me well enough, and don't want to know the depth of my nerdiness, skip the rest of this paragraph and I'll see you on the other side.  My nerdy collection is G.I.Joe figures. More specifically, 1982 straight arm G.I. Joe's. These are the first series of G.I. Joe's that were released when I was a kid. The earlier ones were 12" tall. These are only 3 3/4". After 1982 all the Joe's were released with a swivel arm and while I had very few of these straight arm joe's as a kid, they were the first one's I had, so I'm kind of fond of them. My collection is nowhere near complete, but since you asked, the one figure I consider my holy grail would be a 1982 straight arm Snake Eyes with all accessories and file card. Go ahead and look it up on Ebay, it's a little out of my price range. But maybe one day, my little nerdy collection will be complete.

So, If you know a nerd, I have no doubt they'd be willing to talk about their collection, and give you plenty of ideas how to help them complete it. Good Luck.

(Also, I know some of you are already looking at the books behind the figures. All I have to say is that when you're married, you have to add books to your bookshelf that you never imagined would be there.)

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