Monday, December 21, 2009

On The Ninth Day Of Christmas...

This entry is the 9th in my 12 Days of Christmas series. 12 cool gifts for the nerd in your life.
Also, yesterday's post by my 200th post. To all of my readers -  Thanks for putting up with my run on sentences, boring observations, and random weird thoughts.  All 3 of you are greatly appreciated.

On the ninth day of Christmas my true love gave to me...
A Powermat

This is the kind of thing I would love to own, but would never buy for myself.
It's a mat that you can lay rechargeable gadgets on, and they will recharge without having to plug them in. Wow! That's pretty cool, don't ya think? Imagine all those miliseconds you wasted everyday pluggin in your gadgets. With the powermat, your pluggin' worries are over. Now you can used those valuable saved seconds to do much more important things that you didn't have time for before like blinking or having a thought. This device is going to change lives, I'm sure. And how much does this time saver cost? Only $89.98 at Target. Is it worth it? Hmm?
Oh yeah, and did I mention that every device you want to charge on this mat requires a $30-$40 battery adapter you have to attach to it. Like I said, cool gift to get. Maybe not so cool to purchase. I mean, come on? Who doesn't have time to plug in a charger?

This invention reminds me of something my favorite comedian, Brian Regan once said. He once had a simliar observation about the inventor of combined PB&J. Enjoy.

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  1. For over 100 bucks I'll just plug my iphone in myself, besides that’s they only thing that really needs charged on a consistent basis