Friday, December 18, 2009

On The Sixth Day Of Christmas...

This entry is the 6th in my 12 Days of Christmas series. 12 cool gifts for the nerd in your life.

On the sixth day of christmas my true love gave to me...

Nintendo Points (or Wii Points)
I have only recently learned about the fun that can come into your life with Nintendo points.
First, I'll tell you what they are. Nintendo points can be used to download games onto your Wii on NintendoDSi. With these points you can download older Nintendo games that are no longer available.
Just a week ago I finally managed to get my Wii connected to the internet. While I do not yet have high speed internet at my house, I have been able to connect at a speed fast enough to download games.
So far I've only purchased 1. I used 500 Nintendo points (about $5) and bought Super Mario Bros.

For about a week now, Ethan, Kristi and I have been playing and loving this old school Nintendo game from 1985. I was afraid that Ethan would get bored of it quickly because of it's lack of cool graphics, but he's actually been just the opposite. He's thought that it is fun to play a game that makes you start over when you die, rather than just saving your game at different points as most games do these days.

So if you know someone with a Wii, give them some old school fun by purchasing them some Nintendo Points. The next games on my donwload list... Earthworm Jim & Dr. Mario.
There's nothing quite like video game entertainment from 1987. (I'm not sure that's a good thing.)

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  1. These games are great! Also gotta get some of the N64 games..great deal