Monday, January 4, 2010

I Am Resolved

Since my last post was technically supposed to be posted last year, I consider this my first post of the new year.

As we all know, it's that time of year when people make resolutions. I've already read many friend's blogs that say they are going to lose weight, run every dayblog a picture everyday, or something else that likely won't last. I don't mean to discourage them in any way. I wish them all luck in their new goals. I just know that I've never, ever stuck with any resolutions I've made, especially when the goals were so lofty. So this year, I'm going to list things that I will definitely not do in 2010. I think I'll be happier with myself in January of 2011 if I can look back at this list and see that I've not done, exactly what I said I wouldn't do. I figure that's better than letting myself down. =)

1.) I will not lose 80 lbs. I might lose some, but not 80.
2.) I will not work out every day, leading to the ability to bench press my own weight. So, if I ever fall on myself, I'm in trouble.
3.) I will not finally convert all our old VHS home movies to DVD. I will more than likely leave them in the box where they've been stacked for years. That way, when asked "Can we watch that old Christmas tape?" I can continue to say "I don't know which one it is. You wanna go through them all to figure it out?"
4.) I will not watch less TV and read more instead. I might watch the same amount of TV and read more. But less TV is not on the agenda.
5.) I will not make our yard into the landscaping beauty that I know it has the potential to be. I know this is disappointing to both my lovely wife, and my bush eating, landscape destroying, dog.
6.) I will not go to bed earlier and wake up earlier. I will more likely go to bed later and try to sleep later if I can figure out a way to make it happen.
7.) I will not be a proficient acoustic guitar playing worship leader. (Ok, I do plan to play some, but I promise not to be good at it.)
8.) I will not teach Tony (our dog) to do a stupid pet trick, leading to my first visit onto "The Late Show with David Letterman."
9.) I will not keep my car immaculately clean. But I will keep it clean enough for someone to ride with me without me having to tell them "Wait here while I get something out of my seat" (as they then watch me move armloads of stuff from the passenger seat to the trunk.)
10.)I will not blog everyday hilariously  about life as a husband/father/worship leader/nerd, causing my blog to gain in popularity, leading to large piles of ad income, and the eventual release of my bestselling book "Tales From Street Road: The Beginning."

Seriously though, there are a just few things I will do...
1.) I will strive to be a better father. Taking more opportunities to discipline & teach my boys.
2.) I will strive to make more memories with my family. Less days just shopping or running erands, more trips to zoos, parks, etc.
3.) I will strive to be a better husband to my awesome wife. One way I will do this is by trying to see our house through her eyes and helping to meet her cleanliness standards instead of mine. Then after seeing the messes me and the boys have made, I will begin to clean them without being asked. =)
4.) I will strive to keep all commitments and not over commit to church, friends, or family. Always sure to let my "yes be yes" and my "no be no".
5.) I will study (not just read) the bible more, striving to make myself more of a Christ-follower, not just a believer in Jesus Christ.

What are you gonna do, or not do?

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