Friday, February 18, 2011

Weekly Weigh In: Week 7

Gonna start trying to do this every Friday. The weekly weigh in.

I started this journey Jan 1st. So technically this is week 7.

Last week was a little rough on the diet. It’s very hard to lose weight and remember portion control when you’re surrounded by food that people are bringing in due to a death in your family.  I don’t know if I’ve ever eaten that much potato salad in one week. But it sure was good. Thankfully though, I got back on track this week and have continued the downward trend.

8 somewhat interesting facts from my weight loss journey thus far...

1. I only lose weight when I exercise. I don't lose nothing if I just eat well.
2. I don’t enjoy exercising. I know some people describe the feeling after exercising as a “high”. I don’t feel high. I feel "plumb tuckered out" and then "mighty sore" in the days that follow.
3. My clothes are getting baggy. That gives me a good feeling.
4. I’m going to have to buy new clothes. That gives me an empty checking account. =(
5. I miss ice cream.
6. My current playlist for exercising is the new album by Cake. I enjoy Cake, the band and the dessert.
6. How healthy I eat is all determined by how well I plan ahead. We were out of breakfast bars, yogurt, and bananas this morning. So my breakfast was a Little Debbie oatmeal cream pie. Oops.
7. I’m going to have to buy better shoes if I really want to keep training for a 5K.
8. If you stare at your workout app on your iPhone while running in a park in North Birmingham, a black teen hanging out with his buddies might yell at you “Hey phone guy! Be careful. You might fall in a fountain like that internet lady.”

Glad to be able to report these stats for this week...

Weight in Spring 2008 = 330.5 lbs (heaviest ever)
Final Goal Weight = 230.0 lbs
Weight 01/01/11 = 310.6 lbs
Current Weight = 298.4 lbs
This year’s Δ = -12.2 lbs
Total Δ = -32.1 lbs
To go = 68.4 lbs.

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