Wednesday, April 1, 2009

Sunday Setlist 03-29-09

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I considered calling this blog "April Fool" due to the video that is included. I think I might need to start recording any video blogs earlier in the day. These post-midnight blogs have a tendency to make me appear to be intoxicated. Enjoy.

We had a good Sunday at Westwood: Video, worship, communion. It was a full Sunday.
Here's the set list followed by a video description.....

Video Countdown To Begin
No pause into “That’s My King” Video (Igniter Media)

Sing To The King (Tomlin)
Announcements / Fellowship
Hallelujah To The Lamb (Moen)
Grace Alone (Brown)

Offertory Prayer

D.E.P.T.H Student Drama Team: Heal Me (Aaron Jeffrey)
Message: Bro. Steve: “Redeemed! From Selfishness to Service”
Invitation: Step By Step

Closing Prayer

How was your Sunday?

Sunday Setlist 03-29-09 from Shawn Stinson on Vimeo.


  1. That was jarring to see while sitting at my desk trying to help homeless children.

    I mentioned to Lisa I would like to see some new stuff too...

  2. ... Shawn, I think I'm more gangsta than you.

    And that frightens me.