Friday, April 24, 2009

Movin' On Up

I blogged yesterday about Mrs. Annette's retirement.
I learned last week that there was one advantage for me that was a result of her decision. I'm getting her old office. To understand how much I appreciate this move I need to tell you about my old office first.

- 10' X 10' room.
- Formerly used as storage.
- Door with a doorknob, but no lock. (Before my time here, someone kept locking the storage closet door and they didn't have a key so they just took the lock out leaving a hole in the doorknob.)
- Gray walls (all the other office walls and hallsway are painted "mocha".
- No Windows
- And the highight of everyday... I had an adjoining wall to the men's restroom, so I knew when anyone went in there and whether they flushed the urinal or toilet, because they sounded different. (I should have rented that space to "The Michael Scott Paper Company" - shoutout to all "The Office" fans.)

But thankfully those days are over. Here's my new office.....
Complete with:
- large window
- Mocha walls
- Wrap around desk
- 12' x 18'
- and most importantly, no adjoining restrooms.

I've almost completed the move-in process.

Now I just have to replace the flower picture behind my desk with this framed piece of art...


  1. You've seen my office/inventory room/asbestos storage place havn't you. I would kill for a door.

  2. Nice office. At least you will be more cozy while working longer hours!

  3. sweet! I just have a small cube with a fridge

  4. This office is too nice for hissy fits and yelling.