Friday, April 3, 2009

“Never Go To Pluto. It’s A Mickey Mouse Planet.”

I was reading Mark Batterson's Blog earlier today and he briefly talked about Walt Disney and his commitment to creativity and excellence. I've never been accused of being very creative, but his blog made me think about the creativity I use in my position as a worship leader. I'm given four opportunities each week (Sunday AM, PM, midweek service, and choir rehearsal) to use my creativity to find ways to help people express their love, thanks, and praise to God. While I strive each week to stay out of a rut, I know there's so much more we (I) could be doing in our worship services.

Sometimes I'll have an idea and decide that it's too "out there", that it might hinder someone more than assist in their worship. I've also felt before that by trying new ideas, the service can become more like a show than a worship service and each week people will wonder "What is going to happen today." When I have tried different things before, it has felt a little goofy. Like the people are thinking "Oh isn't he cute. Looks what he's trying to do today. That is not my goal. My true goal is to simply do all I can to give everyone in the room an opportunity to worship in the way that The Holy Spirit leads them to. But if I have an idea that may be a little out of the box (Don't worry. I'm not talking about snakes) maybe I should run with that idea and use a Disney like attitude with doing it the best I possibly can. Who knows, one of my goofy ideas just might be what someone is needing to see to lead them to worship.

Maybe what we need is a teacup ride in the lobby. Hmmm?


Bonus points to anyone knows who originally said the quote that I've used to title this blog. =)

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  1. God seeks worshippers that worship in Spirit and Truth. Try to stay true to God and try to stay true to how you worship. I have always felt a little weird singing a song about raising my hands when I don't raise my hands. This is not true for me. This may be one of the few things I feel where truth is kind of relative. God calls each person to worship as he has created them. Try to create an environment where people who want to worship can do so as God intended them to worship.

    It ain't about songs or style. It's about spirit and truth. What ever that means.