Thursday, April 9, 2009


Check out these messages I got today...

Shawn Stinson,
Congrats on winning the NCAA Pool at TheWorshipCommunity.Com!
$10.00 iTunes Gift Card

So as it turns out, you don't have to know anything about Basketball to win a bracket tournament.

But wait, there's more..
I also got this message:

Woo hoo - you won the "Godology" drawing on my blog. Send me your mailing address and I will get it out to you ASAP. Congrats, and most of all - thanks for being a part of the community over on theblog!

For the Kingdom,

Yep, I won this book....

What a weird day. I won two contests.
Maybe I should buy a lottery ticket.



  1. You won a prize from my blog. You were deemed most likely to go to a Broadway musical (in Birmingham) that go to an Alabama/Auburn football game. Your big girl pack of frilly panties are on the way.

  2. You should attempt all tasks that require some sort of luck - like texting while driving, eating french fries and getting your license renewed.

  3. You're on a roll or something. I met Christian George when he was doing a book signing at Books-a-Million. He's a pretty cool guy.

  4. You should go with me to my interview this afternoon- maybe it'll help.

  5. Hope all goes well tonight! I hate we're missing it, but you know - 10 years is a big deal! Thanks for all you do with the choir. I'll be back in the groove soon.

  6. Lottery??? You've got Vegas right down the road.