Thursday, April 2, 2009

Go Tarheels!!

Last week I blogged about the NCAA Basket tournament.
Believe it or not, I might actually win one of the contests I entered.

I know already that I lost the one at work (So that's $5 gone.)
At work we judge by correct games picked, not a score based on rounds. So it's mathematically impossible for me to win even if my team (North Carolina) makes it to the finals.

But, I also entered my picks in a contest against other worship leaders through In their contest, I didn't have to gamble anything, but will win a $10 itunes card if I stay in first position.

Here are the top 10 in that contest.

1 Shawn Stinson - North Carolina
2 Daryl Goard - Pittsburgh
3 Fred McKinnon - North Carolina
3 Russ Hutto - Mississippi St.
3 Susan McKinnon - Connecticut
6 david young - Louisville
7 Ronnie Burgess - Louisville
7 Stephen Canfield - Oklahoma
9 Eddy Mann - Louisville
9 James Rutherford - Memphis

I'm blown away by the fact that I might win anything regarding basketball.
You know what they say..."Even a blind squirrel finds a nut sometimes."
So join with me and keep pulling for North Carolina!!

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