Thursday, April 2, 2009

Blame the Flux Capacitor

Disclaimer: This entry is all about LOST. The greatest TV show ever made.

It finally happened. On LOST last night they referenced “Back To The Future”.
My favorite TV show discussed it’s own similiarties to one of my favorite movies. How bizarre.
I heard Hurley (Jorge Garcia) in an interview recently. (If you like LOST you should check out these guys.)
He was asked “What is your favorite line or conversation you’ve had on the show?”
His answer was “You haven’t heard it yet. We’ve filmed it, but you haven’t heard it.” I’m betting that was it.
Hearing Hurley try to think through the problems with time travel was pretty funny. Especially since he was convinced he was about to disappear.

My friend Jamie is also addicted to this show. She said this at the end of her most recent blog:
"All I want to know is WHERE IS FARADAY?"

Well I want to know a lot more than that. Here are my top 10 questions…
1.) Where Are Rose & Bernard?!!!?
2.) In the boat chase from earlier in the season, who did Juliet shoot?
3.) What’s the deal with Lock, Claire, and Jacob?
4.) Juliet clearly knows more than she’s letting on, why does everyone continue to trust her?
5.) What’s the deal with the smoke Monster? (Hopefully that will be answered on the next episode.)
6.) Where is Faraday?
7.) Is my theory right? I think Richard Alpert is the Egyptian God “RA”.
8.) Why didn’t Sun time jump along with the rest of the Oceanic 6 off of the flight to Guam?
9.) Why did Hurley come back to the Island with a guitar case?
10.) Why was Ben so beaten and bloody before flying back to the Island? I’m afraid he killed Penny. But I hope not.

Wow, this is a great show. I’m distraught that the season will end in May and it won’t be back until January.


  1. I'm loving this show too! I predicted that Sayid had to shoot Ben in order for him to one day lead The Others. I just thought the Island would heal him and that would be why The Others wanted him as their leader (like John), but I had no idea it would happen like it did. And Hurley's question about why Ben didn't remember that Sayid shot him was answered when Richard took him. That was awesome! If only Jack had intervened!! Can't wait until next week!

  2. I didn't have to ask those questions because I knew the answers.

    1. TV Guide says we will see them again.
    2. Juliet shot her sister.
    3. Locke is amping up for revenge. Claire is spending quality time with her Dad. Jacob is fixing his rocking chair.
    4. She's blonde and underestimated.
    5. Jeff Jensen ( explains Smokey in his article posted yesterday. It has to do with the book Ben gave to Sayid in the cell.
    6. See my blog for this same question.
    7. Simmer down.
    8. Sun didn't jump because a "mother and child" were to escape the island according to a conversation between Charlie and Desmond. We assumed it was Claire. It was Sun. Therefore she wasn't supposed to come back.
    9. He was recreating Charlie on the plane.
    10. He killed Penny AND lil' Charlie.

    Disclaimer: I may or may not know what I'm talking about.