Thursday, March 12, 2009

This is a Test

I think I've just figured out that I can blog right from Microsoft Word 2007.

I wonder if this is going to work?


  1. I thought you were going to the Mountains. Now I write my blogs in word then cut and paste them.Have you figured out a way to send it directly to your blog? You also need to get twitter on here and then you can update your status while on the road. There is an app for that or you can text in your status, it will also update your facebook status..Have fun in gatlinburg..We are going to Savannah on Wed then to Myrtle Beach for a couple of days..Later

  2. We are going to G'burg. We're heading out after work.
    I was doing something in "Word" today and hit "new" because I was looking for a template for a letter. I found a template for blog entry. It asked my google password and Boom - it worked. I don't think I can post pics from it, but at least it's better than logging into into my blog every day at work.

    Right now I update my "status" from Twitter which is linked to my facebook, but I haven't figured out how to twitter from my cell yet. I'll probably take time and figure that out this weekend.

    Be careful on your trip. See ya'll next week.