Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunday Setlist 03-22-09

First, Happy Birthday Ethan!!! My son turned 5 today.
(This was written 03/22. But not posted until days later.)
Also, 5 years ago I accepted the interim worship leader position at my church.
What a wild 5 years it's been.

Here is a list of what we did in our AM worship service today, followed by a vlog where I go into a little more detail and briefly discuss what's on my mind regarding my 5th anniversary on staff.

I’ll Fly Away - Instrumental Walk In Music - Rhythm Section Only
(Real southern version, had people clapping along)
Mighty To Save(G)
Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone)(D)

Welcome / Fellowship

Nothing But The Blood (F)
(southern, hymn arrangement)
Great is Your Faithfulness (C)

Offertory Prayer

Choir Special: Jesus Paid It All (C-D)
(mellow version of the hymn, added new harmony line with each verse. Great job by choir)

Transitional Chorus: Nothing But The Blood Of Jesus (much slower, simple, piano only version than earlier, focusing on "Oh Precious is the flow..."

Message: Bro. Steve “Truth For Life: Good news for the Guilty” (Psalm 51:1-19)
Invitation: Just As I Am
Closing Chorus: Amazing Grace (My Chains Are Gone) (MISC)
Chorus Only

Sunday Setlist 03-22-09 from Shawn Stinson on Vimeo

This entry is my part of what is going on on Fred McKinnon's website. I encourage all of you to check it out and blog about your worship service, even if you didn't lead it.


  1. Happy 5th for you and Evan!!!!! You are doing an awesome ministry......we love u!

  2. You know it's been over 4 years since you hired me to play "keyboards". It has been fun hasn't it. Hasn't it?

  3. Congrats on the 5th! I really am glad you are our worship minister although I give you a bunch of grief (foreshadowing...)

    I would say my dilemma is not as much with worship services that blend because although I would prefer all contemporary music, I can see the value in traditional choices. For me, it's when they feel a little whiplashy (yes, it's a new word). The future of WBC is no whiplashing.

  4. Deb, Thanks. But who is Evan? Ha! It's Ethan.

    Joseph, Yep it's been a hoot. I found video of me and you leading at SonRise from 1998 last week. Not much has changed with us. That was quite a prase team we had.

    Jamie, Whiplashing? are you talking about sudden shifts in tempo & style? You mean you don't like going from an upbeat southern "Nothing But The Blood" right into the slow praise chorus "Great is Your Faithfulness"? Next Sunday I'll try to do better. We'll do a medley of "A Mighty Fortress Is Our God" and "Glorious". =)

  5. I actually came here to delete my previous comment because it felt finger-pointery (yes.) But now that I see your response, it will remain.

    Personaly, I am anti- the actual phrase "upbeat Southern."