Monday, March 23, 2009

No Time for Losers, Cause I Am The Champions Of The World!

See if you can solve the following analogy…

Shawn is to athleticism as:

  1. Bill Gates is to money
  2. Barack Obama is to popularity
  3. Jennifer Anniston is to tabloid coverage
  4. Jessica Simpson is to intelligence

Unfortunately, the correct answer is d. Somehow, the athletic gene in my family tree became recessive after being beaten down by the more dominant "likely to lay around and get fat" gene. I've never been very good at sports, so as a result I've never been too fond of watching them. The only exception is football. I can sit and watch a football game and stay interested, but only if it's a team I support and the game stays exciting. I've even been know to channel surf during an Alabama game or two in my time. I typically don't keep up with anything sports related, but I do try to stay just knowledgeable enough about the topic to be able to discuss it around the office. But that can usually be accomplished by watching the sports section of the nightly news a couple nights a week.

I think it's my lack of sports knowledge that makes the next sentence so funny. As of today, I'm in 3rd place on our NCAA Basketball bracket at work. How crazy is that? Basically what that means is that I'm gambling (Gasp!) I put 5$ into the pot and submitted my picks for who would win the NCAA basketball tournament. So far only 2 out of 19 coworkers have had more correct picks than me.

Last Friday I was actually in 1st place. At the time they accused me of being a liar when I told them I hadn't watched a single shot of basketball all season. I simply chose my picks based on their seed position, and what I thought about the school as a whole. Example: Gonzaga played in the first round. Gonzaga was a 4 seed, but Akron was only a 13 seed pick. I chose Gonzaga to win, not because of their position, but mostly because I like saying the word "Gonzaga" and I hope they keep winning so that I can hear the announcers say it more. If my streak continues, which I know it won't, I have a good chance of winning 95$. Now, don't get me wrong. I'm not bragging about the gambling. I sacrificed lunch one day so that I'd have the money to play. I'm not justified by that fact. But it did make me feel better about it. I'm just in shock about how lucky my picks have been so far.

So join with me won't you. Let's cheer on North Carolina to make it all the way to the final.

Go Tarheels! ……I had to google them to see what their mascot was. =)


  1. I love how the correct answer to the analogy was 'd' when our options were actually 1-4.


  2. Yeah, that's weird. I just noticed that. Somehow, it reformatted it for me, but it worked out pretty funny, so I'm gonna leave it.

  3. I love that you put the $ symbol after the number. I felt like I was reading

    A friend told me today that men fall into three categories (which sometimes overlap):
    1. Sports Fanatics
    2. Seekers of Animals
    3. Gadgeteers

    You are C.

  4. Gambling isn't bad until you gamble your house and kids college funds away... Then you might possibly have a problem.

  5. You are a unique individual. Definitely one of a kind! Good thing, don't think the world is ready for more Shawn's. I have a feeling Gavin is going to be just like you though.

  6. Shawn, I like the word Gonzaga too and would totally choose them so that I could say, "I think Gonzaga will win the NCAA thingy!"