Sunday, March 1, 2009

Sunday Setlist 03-01-09

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Today was very interesting. 2 inches of snow in Central Alabama, many churches canceled services, we did not. As a result we had 58 people in worship and our orchestra was a piano and a drummer.

Many changes were made to our original plan. We cut 1/2 of the songs originally planned.

Here's what we ended up doing. More details in the video to follow.

- The Potter's Hand
- Wonderful Grace Of Jesus (Hymn)
Offertory Prayer
- Be Unto Your Name
Message - 10 Commandments - Thou Shalt Not Steal
Invitation: Softly & Tenderly
Closing Prayer

Sunday Setlist 03-01-09 from Shawn Stinson on Vimeo.

How Was Your Sunday?


  1. Smiling usually means happy. Unless it's accompanied by eye-rolling. That's a completely different story - the story of the Wonderful Grace of Jesus.

  2. There's eye rolling going on during every song, they're just rolling in different parts of the building. =)

  3. I see Kermit has not left his post :)!
    Don't you just love snow days! They force you into much needed rest that you wouldn't otherwise get.