Friday, March 20, 2009

Shawn: The Handyman

Last night I spent a little while being manly.

I realize that opening sentence throws the door wide open for ridicule and joking. But that's okay. I fully realize, and have blogged before that I know my hobbies and interests aren't exactly the most "manly" things in the world. I don't hunt, work on cars, or build anything. So there's not a lot that I do that makes me feel like the stereotypical "manly" man. But last night was different. Last night I actually did something with my tools and was able to view the results of my work afterward.

I love the feeling of having an idea for a project, finding the right tools, completing the job, and looking at it afterward and being able to think "that looks exactly like I planned." Last night, Kristi asked me to do something for her. So I formulated a plan and gathered my tools… cordless drill (charged and ready) , hammer, nails, screws, sheetrock anchors, laser level, and tape measure . Now it was time to get to work. I watched my projected progress with pride, being careful the entire time to properly use the laser level, not wanting any flaws in this awesome display of what a man and his tools are capable of.

30 minutes later there were 10 pictures hung properly on our walls. Is that manly or what?

Tonight I might get real bold and check the oil levels in our cars.

Lookout there's testosterone in the area.


  1. Hey Shawn! Thanks for sharing this. If you don't mind, I've printed it to share in the Bible study "Wild at Heart"....we are studying about MEN and what makes them tick! Have an awesome afternoon!

  2. I should come to your house one day and make one of the pictures just a little crooked. Oh and by the way. Kara hangs all of our pictures at the Casa de Kinnaird.

  3. You should search Manly man by Bradley Hathaway on youtube.

  4. OK Kristi, I just did.
    That was entertaining, yet bizarre.

  5. I saw the results of your "manly task", you did a great job!

  6. Shawn,

    It's a have a couple more years to build up your skills so your sons will think you know what your doing..I fake it pretty good myself ;-)