Thursday, August 27, 2009

Rubix, The Amazing Cube

Everyday I try to learn something.

Recently I've learned, or have been reminded, that I have limitations.
There's only so much I'm capable of doing. If I try doing anything beyond that point it requires outside help to accomplish the task at hand. The help required may be from another person, an internet source, or most of the time God himself.

Today I was reminded that I'm not as smart as I'd like to be.

Here's the evidence...

As you can see, this is a properly completed Rubix cube, or is it?

I spent a little while today messing with this while talking with customers on the phone. I quickly learned that my spatial aptitude and intelligence is enough that I'm able to finish two complete levels of this puzzle, but not the third.
I was so happy when I had all but the bottom level completed, then I realized, as I tried to complete the bottom level, I was only messing up the work I'd already done on the first two.

I'm aggravated that I'm unable to complete this puzzle on my own. Ugh. Apparently instead of studying in school and working to increase my intelligence I watched too much television as a child now facts like this take up space in my brain...
Did you know there was a cartoon in the 80's called "Rubix, the Amazing Cube". Even more trivial, do you know who sang the theme song. Menudo. That's right. 80's Spanish boy band, Menudo. Featuring little Ricky Martin. Sadly, I didn't Google that. I just knew it.

So take that Mr. Rubix! So what if I can't solve your little toy puzzle.
At least I remember your cartoon and it's theme.

Oh wait, that's not so good either.


  1. Apparently I was the man I am when I was a little boy. Then I could only make one side match. While I could not complete the cube in the traditional way I could tear it apart and put it back together with all the colors matching. While I lack the spatial entelijuns to complete this task I have the moxy and drive to cheat and make it happen. And this is just as satisfying.

  2. I am also only able to complete one side and like Joseph took mine apart or peeled the stickers off to say that I have solved. Not sure about the Menudo triva unless you needed a good conversation starter with the girls back then :-)

  3. I could do one of those, easily.

    ... they make strategy guides for it, right?

    And who's the final boss?

  4. The rubix cube is very hard puzzle to solve. The first time a manage to solve it currectly was only after two weeks.