Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Sunday Setlist 08-02-09

Each week I try to blog about our Sunday Service.
I include this post in the blog over at Fred McKinnon's site.
There you can see lots of worship leaders talk about their services.
I encourage you to check it out.

Here's the list of what we did in our service Sunday.
I've decided to post it this week in the same format I give it to our musicians.
Maybe it will shed a little light on what goes into planning a typical service.
By the songs you'll see a couple of notes.
Song Title (Key / Book and Page # where song is found)
Then I'll have some performance notes in italics below.
You'll notice we do a lot out of the BH (Baptist Hymnal). We bought the newest version last year and I've been very pleased with the amount of new songs and new arrangements of traditional hymns.

I've included some additional notes below the list.
Orchestral Prelude: Crown Him With Many Crowns (C / BH#704)


Not To Us (G / BH#905)
V1, C, V2, C, C
Days Of Elijah (Ab / MSFP&W#139)(Book is More Songs For Praise & Worship)
As written

Welcome / Prayer / Fellowship: Pastor

Crown Him With Many Crowns (C-D / BH#704)
1, 2, and last verses with tag.
Jesus Paid It All (Bb / MISC Chord Charts)
Stanfill Version, All 3 verses, tag, then Chorus Acapella if led

Offertory Prayer: Deacon

Choir Special: Holy, Holy, Holy (Sanctuary)

Transitional Chorus: I Love You, Lord (Ab / BH#555)
repeat as led

Message: Bro. Steve
Invitation: I Surrender All (BH#716)
Note: New Arrangement
Closing Chorus: Not To Us (G / BH#905)
Chorus Only
I felt good about Sunday's service.
As always the place lit up when we did Days Of Elijah.
While on paper, it looks a little hymn heavy, these were almost all newer arrangements, and it flowed very well.
We introduced "Not To Us" for the first time on a Sunday morning. We omitted the bridge that makes reference to the "universe spinning" and "children dancing, dancing, dancing". I'm just not sure that we (I) can sing it with a straight face.
But, maybe more smiles would be good on a Sunday morning. =)


  1. You know if I were to burst into flames some people would smile.

  2. Kara and I observed when we try and sing contemporary songs, the rhythm seems off somehow.

    The arranger of these songs is too white. There is such a thing.

    However, YAY FOR JESUS PAID IT ALL!!!!

  3. Joseph, Everyone already knows you flamin'.

    Jamie, White?! What are you talking about? Have you seen our choir? We're almost 8% culturally diverse. But I guess the majority does sort of overpower the minority in terms of singing style.

  4. When are we gonna do some songs that include a Cowbell? "Not to us" was great! Was waiting for a guitar solo..Joseph did awesome on the acoustic :-) I also miss the video post..they were cool..see yall Sunday!