Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Lost & Found

I hate losing stuff.
Unfortunately, due to my cluttered lifestyle, it happens way too often. Usually when I lose something I know I’ll find it again soon. Whatever it is that I’ve lost, I usually find it buried somewhere in the trunk of my car, in the cushions of my recliner, or somewhere in the piles of junk on my home office desk. Sadly, that has not been the case with the item I’ve recently misplaced.
2 months ago. I lost my keys. I know what you’re thinking. “That’s’ crazy! How does someone lose their keys?” It was actually pretty easy (and stupid). I made the mistake of taking my car key off of my keyring. It would take me too long to explain why I did such a stupid thing. So instead I’ll just say I left my car at home, with my car key in it and I took the others with me to church. On Monday when I went to work. I got in my car and remembered that I only had my car key. Hmmm? Where had I put my keyring with my other keys? I had no idea, so I went for weeks and weeks looking everywhere I had been hoping to find my keyring. But alas, no luck.
Sadly here’s what was on that keyring that I lost…
1.) House key
2.) Work Key
3.) 2 church keys
4.) An empty 16 gig usb flash drive
5.) A penny that I drilled a hole in 15 yeas ago while working for ROHN industries.
6.) A small Penske emblem that I received for working 5 years for that company. (I’m not sure why I was still carrying that.)
7.) And the biggest loss… The clicker to my car.
The keys were all easily replaceable although the loss of the church keys has stressed out some “security committee” members. The flash drive, will be missed as well, but I’d already moved on to other methods of portable storage. I’m gonna miss that penny because I would look at it from time to time and notice that the hole getting bigger and Lincoln’s face was slowly wearing down. But the clicker! Wow, that’s expensive to replace. It was already cracked, and didn’t work all of the time, but knowing that I’m going to have to replace it now. That really stinks.
2 things have happened in recent days though that have brought a smile to my face. First I think I’ve remembered where I put them. When we left church that morning I remember loading Gavin into his car seat in Kristi’s car and placing my keyring on her car’s roof. As I buckled him in I rememeber thinking “Shawn, don’t forget your keys.” But strangely, I don’t remember actually grabbing them off the roof. I think that is the most likely scenario. They are probably somewhere along the road within 100 yards of my church. I’m smiling about that because I’ve realized I could have easily lost my car key too if it had been on there.
Second, I’m now smiling because of my new key ring. A Lego store opened in the Riverchase Galleria this weekend and while my boys were looking around I found this piece of Darth-lego-awesomeness on a keychain.


  1. If you, Ben, and Steve stay in the same place long enough the universe will collapse on itself by the sheer gravity of your combined dorkness.

  2. I would mock this but I want a Han or Leia version.