Monday, January 24, 2011

I Took Them To The Garden Where I Guess They Grow The Olives

The weight loss journey continues.
I’m eating a little better. So far, I’ve just cut back. I haven’t yet started eating like a rabbit. Instead, I’ve just cut a lot of stuff out including french fries and most bad snacks. I was strong enough to say “no thanks” to a box of donuts that was available to me all day last Thursday. Though I have gone crazy from time to time and splurged on some meals.

For example, a meal at Olive Garden wasn't the best choice recently....
I took my fam and ate a great meal, which I regretted as I logged my calories into

1.5 plates of salad.
2 bread sticks
Chicken parmesan with fettuccine alfredo instead of spaghetti and marinara sauce.
Total calories: 2300 .... OUCH!
( but it sure was delicious.)

I’m exercising more. My lovely wife and I have decided we’ll be purchasing a treadmill with some of our tax refund this year. I’m looking forward to having it. I know I’ll burn more calories once it is in the house. Or at least, I’ll have an additional place to hang my clothes. (Anyone who knows me well knows this is a joke. That would require me actually moving my clean clothes out of the laundry room floor.)

I don’t have a ton to say today really. So to close, just a few facts I’ve been reminded of recently and my current stats....
6 Facts:
1.) Gaining weight is easy
2.) Losing weight is hard.
3.) You have to be patient for weight loss to happen.
4.) I’m not a patient person.
5.) I have set a goal to weigh 100 lbs less than the heaviest I’ve ever been.
6.) I will meet that goal.

Weight in Spring 2008 = 330.5 (heaviest ever)
Final Goal Weight = 230.0
Weight 01/01/11 = 310.6
Current Weight = 305.00
This year’s Δ = -5.6 lbs
Total Δ = -25.5 lbs
To go = 75 lbs.

Are you getting healthier? How's your journey going?

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  1. Waiter @ the Olive Garden called me "big guy" three times. I guess it doesn't help when I would never let him take my plate.