Wednesday, January 26, 2011

10 Things People Assume About Fat People

I've spent the last 26 days on a renewed journey to try to lose some lbs. ( -7 lbs so far this year =)
During this time I've thought a lot about weight loss, exercise, and just being plain ol' fat.
I've realized that people assume some things about fat people. We all assume some stuff. Right?
Well, here are 10 things I thought of....

10 assumptions people make about fat people.
1.) If someone in the group passed gas, it was the fat person. If multiple fat people are in the group, it was the largest male.
2.) Fat people know how to cook.
3.) Fat people are funny and have sharpened their wit by making fun of themselves.
4.) Fat people stink. It’s difficult to wash that much flesh on a regular basis.
5.) The fat person in the group is going to eat more than everyone else. Therefore, when preparing a meal for a group, you must plan accordingly.
6.) If there is food left over at the end of the meal, the fat person will want it.
7.) Fat people do not enjoy participating in any athletics except football and sumo wrestling.
8.) Fat people know where the best restaurants are.
9.) Fat people are lazy and this is proved by the abundance of shopping scooters in Wal-mart.
10.) If a fat person sits in a chair and immediately proclaims “This chair is broken.”, their girth must have caused the breakage. Because there’s no way it was broken before they sat in it.

My research has led me to believe only 7 or 8 of these are true.
What other assumptions do you know of?


  1. Here is my take.
    1. Not True. Skinny wormy people pass the worst gas. Because their body is eating itself and itself can really mess things up.
    2. Inconclusive. Fat people know how to eat.
    3. Inconclusive. But the funniest man in the world was fat. RIP Chris Farley.
    4. Ehh.
    5. Most of the time the fat person does eat more. Maybe no socially because they are ashamed to let their fat flag fly.
    6. If the fat person is truly letting their FFF then there can be no food left over at the end of the meal.
    7. This fat guy also likes B-Ball.
    8. True. Always trust a fat person on restarants. Unless they mention a buffet.
    9. Fat people aren't inherently lazy. "Why are you breating so hard? So I can live."
    10. Nothing will make you doubt your worth more than crushing a normal chair (or porch swing) with the weight of your butt.

  2. That we're not smart. WRONG: personally, it was the 8 years of college that helped me tip the scale.
    That we can't get the job done. NO: we will work harder to prove we can.
    That we are unwanted. Not so, but if you don't believe me just ask my husband(he's skinny)

  3. Another bad assumption is that fat people don't know how to dress or they don't care how they look. Clothes just aren't available. (at least in my opinion)

  4. 7 or 8 out of 10 are true?? Give it up, MORON, admit you think it's ALL true!

  5. Wow Anonymous. That was a great comment. Thank you for adding your 2 cents.