Thursday, January 29, 2009

Kids say....

I love kids. They crack me up.

Just a couple things I’ve overheard recently..

A couple nights ago I was in the living room and heard some commotion in my bedroom. Upon further inspection I realized that the boys were wrestling on the bed, an everyday occurrence. Clearly Ethan had the upper hand and Gavin was struggling to gain control. For just a moment Gavin managed to stand up and just before jumping on top of Ethan he yelled at the top of his lungs his battle cry: “You wanna piece of meat?”
I’m pretty sure he meant “Do you want a piece of me?” I slowly walked out of the room and laughed for a while.

During the Christmas holidays our friends the Dykes, from Chattanooga, came over for a few days. I call them friends but they are more like family. I love them like they are anyway. When they come over we always have an eventful week. Not a single boring day. There are three Dykes children: Aimee, Stephen, and Natalie. I’ll need to tell you more about them in a future blog, especially more about my future wife Aimee. She’s had plans for Kristi since she was little that will make me available for marriage again sometime in the future. I’ll save those details for that later blog. I’ll just say it involves, Kristi, a long walk, woods, and a hungry bear.

So anyway, during this past Christmas visit, the following conversation was overheard as Natalie (7 years old) was pretending to be a giant “Fe, Fi, Fo, Fum, I smell the BUTT of an Englishman!” Her brother Stephen (10) quickly told her “Natalie, it’s not BUTT it’s BLOOD!” Natalie looks surprised and yelled “Why didn’t somebody tell me? I’ve been saying it wrong MY WHOLE LIFE! “

Good stuff!


  1. Wow that is so funny! It is this kind of stuff that pops in your head and makes you laugh for no reason!

  2. Maybe Gavin realized that Ethan was so weak from the wrestling that he could actually use an iron boost. Maybe your kids are more advanced than you realize. Maybe not.