Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Fireworks and a good question

Monthly I'm supposed to write an article for our church's newsletter "The Builder." This month I was later than usual getting mine submitted, so I may not have made the printing deadline. But I thought I'd go ahead and share it with you anyway. Enjoy...

I’ve been very blessed. Not only do I have two wonderful sons, I’ve also got two of the greatest nephews in the world, Will and Nicholas Wiginton. On New Years Eve, we had a small family new years party. That evening, Matt Wiginton and I were lighting fireworks in the driveway while the rest of the family attempted to stay warm and sit closer by the house to watch the display. As they were watching Will asked his mom, Kasey, “Mommy, what is heaven like?” How do you answer that question from a 4 year old? She thought out her answer carefully and told him of streets of gold, love, family, and God. He considered her answer for a few minutes then said “Okay, but I don’t think I’m ready to go there yet. I like living here.” She explained to him that he wouldn’t have to worry about “moving” to heaven for a long time. That he would grow up, have a family, and become old before he’d need to worry about “moving”. And then he looked at her and said “But today’s the end of the year.” She could see the concern on his face. “We’re going to count down later and then all go to heaven, right?” With shock Kasey realized that this wonderful kid had somehow gotten the idea that the world was ending. He had heard it was the end of the year and his 4 year old mind reasoned that it was the end of the world. Quickly she explained to him that he had nothing to worry about and he was content with their explanation. This great story makes me wonder, how much do we really think about heaven? How ready are we to go? Are we living lives that are worthy of God saying “Well done” ? What about your friends, family, coworkers? Are they ready? Isn’t it our job to make sure they are? It’s probably something we don’t think about enough.
Before I end this article I think you should hear “the rest of the story”. Later, Will started asking questions about what it’s like to grow up, especially getting married, having his own family, etc. He asked Matt “Daddy, is Mommy married.” Matt said “yes”. “Who’s she married to?” Will asked. Matt answered “She’s married to me.”

Will’s response… “Why?”

Good one, Will.


  1. Your article will make it in. I am planning for Mana's birthday party, so the Builder is on hold until next week!