Friday, January 23, 2009

Favorite Pic

After writing that last blog I found myself a little depressed. So I had to share something that makes me smile.
My sister, Leslie, took this pic December 20th during our Christmas gathering at my Grandmother's house in Columbus, MS. This was at the Stinson Christmas gathering, or as it has become known in my house "Stinson Christmas family fun weekend" although it is now just done on one day. It used to last Friday-Sunday. But as we've all grown and had kids, it has become increasingly difficult for everyone to spend the night.
Now having said all that, this pic is not my Grandmother's house. This is the tool shop that is in her back yard and has been there longer than I've been alive. I love this tool shop. It reminds me of my Grandfather, Charlie Stinson.
Here's a little history. My Grandmother, Gladys, was a McCool before she married my Grandfather and became a Stinson. After my Great grandparents (McCool) passed away, my Grandfather took apart their house piece by piece and with those materials and wood he built this shop. (The McCool outhouse was still standing even into my teen years). When we'd go visit my grandparents, I knew I could find my grandfather either in his garden or in this shop. His tractor/lawnmower was usually stored on the right, his wood working benches and tools were in the middle door, and the door on the far left was a smaller area where my grandmother did a lot of canning and preserving. It was a really cool place for a kid to explore. He had so many tools, I'll never know what they all do.
As I look at his shed and think about the fact that he built it with his hands, with his own plans, I'm amazed. I think about all the many things I've made at my own house... Let's see there's ....uh... um....
a sandwich...
a mess....
the bed... (if you think I actually make the bed then you don't know me very well.)
but I did make my computer... (just further proof of my nerdiness).
Looks like I should have spent more time in there with him and his tools. Maybe I could've learned a thing or two.
My Grandfather passed away just over 10 years ago. I still think of him on a regular basis. He was so much fun to be around. Seeing this pic, really makes me miss him. But I think what I like most about this pic is the little guy in the foreground. That's my 2 year old son, Gavin. Seeing him ( and me, in the shadows inside) walking into my Grandfathers shed. Makes me think of generations, of family, of legacy, and of how blessed I've been to have such a wonderful family.
I hope that I'll be as good a father/ grandfather to future Stinson's as my father & Grandfather have been to me. And maybe, just maybe, along the way I'll teach them how to make something besides a mess. (doubtful)
- On a completely seperate thought...Isn't "McCool" a great last name. I think if it were mine I'd just want to be called by my last name alone. You know, like McDreamy, McSteamy, McCool. That's awesome.
Or maybe it would be a good name of a great ice-cream type dessert at McDonalds. Don't you think it'd be fun to call me up and say "Hey McCool, it sure is a hot day, let's go get a McCool."
Feel free to call me McCool from now on if you like. -
Having just re-read this, I realize it might have been better to have stopped typing after talking about the shed.

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  1. Ok...#1 I cannot call you McCool and keep a straight face #2 That picture is awesome!! Eric loves that old shed and your old treehouse too #3 After reading your last blog about Obama, I was almost crying at where this country is heading, so thanks..I needed to think of family and things like an old falling down bldg...I feel better....